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To me, it is a word and a mood all at the same time. One of the best things of being on a trip is the variety of food you get to try. Whether it’s the local delicacies or the fancier versions of your daily diet, it is something you look forward to.

On this trip, I didn’t go all out and try extravagant food items but I truly enjoyed some of the things I had. A few items that are filling, delicious and a no-fail are mentioned below. Remember, they are not complete meals, just some of my all-time food favourites.

  1. Eggs, Hash-Browns, Fruits, Sausages and Juice-

Is your mouth watering? Mine sure is. No matter which part of the world you are in, this is a wholesome dish. Whether you have it for breakfast or as a snack or any meal, it is sure to make you feel full, but pump you up with energy at the same time. This way, you won’t feel sluggish throughout the day! Added bonus: nothing can really go wrong with this dish, so it’s money well spent.

Aviary Photo_131525182462198706.png


  1. Yogurt-

This is not unique as most of us have this at home. But when you’re travelling, this little handy snack is amazing. Plus, in a hotel/resort, they usually have various varieties for you to try. This way, you can know which flavours you like and go buy yourself some in bulk from a grocery store later. Keep it in your backpack if you’re going to be out roaming or site-seeing and have a pick-me-up ready whenever you feel tired or hungry. I tried strawberry and kiwi and my oh my, it was yumm.

Aviary Photo_131525184372381802.png

  1. Good old Donuts and Coffee-

It doesn’t have to be freshly brewed to be freaking amazing. The aroma alone can make you drool. Pair this wonderful hot drink with a donut of your choice and oh la la, you have the perfect duo. Take this out by the pool or enjoy it while watching a movie. Do whatever you want, but make sure to enjoy this comfort food!

Aviary Photo_131525183904424703.png


  1. The Desert Bar-

You may not find it everywhere you go, but if you do, take full advantage of it. If you are anything like me and don’t have a major sweet tooth, pack some of these items and take them to your room. This way, you can have them whenever you crave something sweet.

Aviary Photo_131525182911562114.png

  1. Cereal Mix-

Hope this doesn’t sound too dull because it’s really not if you come up with your own mix. What are you afraid off? Go nuts and try all the cereals they have put in front of you. Mix and match and you may have a winner. Same goes for juices, try ‘em all. I know I did!

Aviary Photo_131525182190606106.png

  1. The Speciality-

Now each place is going to have something that it is famous for. It can be chocolate or it can be cheese. It can be meat or it can be a sweet. Where I was, I indulged myself with two of the local specialities.

  • Chikki-

You have a huge variety in this category. When faced with the challenge of deciding which one to get, just take the assorted mix. Life saver.

Aviary Photo_131525185620499512.png


  • Fudge-

Now, I don’t exactly know what all goes into the making of it, but the final product is really fun to have. Again, there are so many varieties, that you have to scratch your brains for a bit!

Aviary Photo_131525185280140757.png

Hope these images have not made you very ‘hangry’ and I hope you enjoyed this mini list of food items that are a staple.  Happy eating and catch you all next time!

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Finding Solace

If you faced the desperate need to take a vacation from everything you’re doing, there is a good chance you were looking for a getaway from your rut. You’re not alone. For the past few weeks, I’ve been a victim to this feeling of nonchalance. It is persistent and cheerless.

You feel like you need something, however big or small, a sort of change around you to give you a breath of fresh air. And you think, leaving everything for a few days and going to a new place is going to that for you. You plan a whole bunch of things you can do during your retreat. You make up your mind that you want to feel relaxed and you want something new and you decide you want your mind to stop wondering why its feeling so low. With all that said, you pack up your things and get going.

What next? You want all the above things to come true. Maybe they will for you, maybe they won’t, and the reason I’m typing this is because for me, it was neither here nor there.

I made up my mind that I want to do something worthwhile with my trip, that I wanted to make it the happiest time. I took on various tasks, so determined to find that little shred of peace and happiness. And now that I’m back, with the same nonchalance looming over my head, I realised something that I would like to share with you all, whether you are on a trip or just whiling away your time at home…

  1. Stop Trying to Chase it All-

You cannot possibly do it all and see it all. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if you made peace with that thought and dropped your chase? A weight will be off your shoulders. Just because you want to get out of a rut, doesn’t mean you have to find something else to do. Take this time to be with yourself. Communicate with your heart. Feel whatever your mind wants you to feel. Maybe then, you will find the break you are scanning for.

  1. Talk to Someone-

A vacation doesn’t mean you have to constantly have fun. Have heart to heart conversations with someone who understands what you are going through. Chances are, the person in front of you was looking for something just like that. Ease your mind…

  1. Don’t Cram It-

It’s not about what all you did on your trip, how many places you saw, how many adventures you had, how many pictures you clicked or how many memories you made. If you need it, chill out in your room. Don’t dress up if you don’t feel like it, order in instead of going to the restaurant, finish that novel you were dying to read. Do whatever the hell you want. Just remember, don’t try to do it all, because then my friend, that feeling of being lost will set right in again…



  1. Meditate-

This one may seem cliched, but sometimes it’s a good thing. Always wanted to see what the fuss was all about? Why not give it a try on your trip? There is no right or wrong, just peace.



      5. Read-

There will be a library around you, but this is not restricted to books. Read articles online, google what you are feeling. It is always amazing to see how someone around the world is feeling the same as you. It is a temporary comfort



So many people that I know are feeling the way I am, lost and confused, hoping for a break. Maybe it’s in our own hands. Maybe we need to stop running after fun and let it come naturally. Maybe we need to let ourselves feel the way we are feeling in order to heal.

Maybe, just maybe, at the end of this vacation/trip, we will have the strength to come back swinging. Because at the end of the day, it is all about the comeback and the knockout punch…


Stay tuned for more…


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#The Healing Heart

Have you ever come across something that completely rips open your heart and leaves you in a sort of pain that can’t be expressed? Or something that leaves you extremely jubilant and motivated?

Well it happens to me a lot, and up until now I was seeking for an outlet to bring those painful or influential emotions out in a constructive manner. I’ve been a writer for a while now, but I still couldn’t figure out the method in which I wanted to convey what I felt…and I’m sure lots of you out there face the same dilemma as me. So I wanted to create a platform where we could share our experiences, good or bad, and feel better at the end of it.

This trigger in me usually fires when I see an unsettling post or video or image on some social media site, or something happening on the road, or even just some conversation I hear while I’m going through my usual day. It can cause such a switch flip in me. I could be on my way to a party all decked up, feeling like I could slay, and then I’d see a homeless man curled up on the cold footpath just dying his life out, and all of sudden, the glam of the whole party and my make-up and my outfit would fizzle away leaving me feeling hollow. I would be heading home from an amazing outing with my best buds, and on the way I would see an innocent animal sprawled on the road and I’d break down right there. Now I know, we can’t constantly let something like this dictate our being, but I realized recently that I needed to write it out like I was talking to someone and express this grief in a way that the reader could relate to it and somehow feel better by that.

And hence, I’ve decided to start a series of blogs under the hashtag- The Healing Heart…a forum that talks about the emotions that we all bury within us because they’re meant to be accepted as a part of our life; something that does not equal to or count as the real struggles. But I feel, these are the emotions of joy and sorrow that shape us and our future into a well talked out safe environment or a lonely secluded atmosphere.

In this blog, the words just spilled out on their own. There was no pause in thinking of witty lines, cleaver puns or mesmerizing material used for grabbing someone’s attention. It felt easy because it came straight from the heart, as corny as that sounds. But that’s the whole point right? Having a place where it’s never corny or cheesy or over-dramatic or melodramatic…it’s just a place where the truth speaks before we dictate it to conform to a certain current trend.

So along with my regular blogs, I’m going to write one on #TgiphyheHealingHeart whenever I see or read or hear something that makes me laugh or cry. Hopefully someone out there will find this in a time of need and provide them with some sort of comfort. And if this grows, everyone who has something to say can contribute under that hashtag. It’s not something done with the intention of getting a ton of views or reads or any of that. I hope the purity of this idea reaches out to whoever sees it.

Thank you for reading this chunk of writing…I’m looking forward to this new experience and this new outlet…