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‘Teacher’s Pet’ is a label no student wants, but we all secretly love having that one teacher who gives us that little extra bit of attention! While each of us have had different experiences when it comes to teachers, we’ve all had these various types of teachers one time or another! Continuing the teacher’s day celebration, here is the list-

  1. The Hater:

We don’t know what we have done in which life to deserve the wrath of this teacher who finds a reason to yell at us, even when it isn’t our fault. We kind of just get accustomed to it eventually. They hate us. We deal with it.


  1. The Sub:

It’s an early birthday present when a substitute teacher replaces a regular one for a day or two. Why? Because then the kingdom is in the students’ capable hands! The new quirks, the new accents, the newly acquired freeness, it’s all a lot of fun. We love the sub!


  1. The Peepers:

These teachers have a habit of walking through the rows, peeping and staring into what we are writing or doing and it ensures that we feel really dumb. Especially during exams. You put your arms over the paper, you pretend to be deep in thought, you feel like everything you have written is absolute rubbish…and so on. You know what I mean.

  1. The Non-Teacher, Teacher:

These beautiful people come in the form of parents, family members, friends, etc. They are our unofficial guides, our go-to people. They always have our back, no matter what.


  1. The Sweetie-Pies:

These teachers are the bright shining light in every student’s life. They’re always nice and have excellent advice whenever you need them. Plus, if you are in their good books, they give you great marks for all your deserving efforts!


  1. Varied Kinds:

The screamer who is ready to shout at the drop of a hat, the one who cracks all those jokes only the front-benchers laugh on, the one who always goes off-topic, the one who argues with the naughty student in every lecture, the strict one, the casual one…and the list can go on forever.


  1. The Extra Work:

When you complete one task very properly, they will definitely pile all the other work on your shoulders alone. We could choose to see this as a burden or as a privilege.

  1. The Typical Phrasers:

These are the ones who will never stop using the age-old hilarious phrases like- ‘Is this a classroom or a fish market?’ ‘Yes yes I’m talking to you, why are you looking back?’ and ‘This is the worst batch ever!’

You will never forget them and laugh long after you have passed out!


I feel that the list will never stop changing and growing! So for now, I leave it at this!

Thank-you all the wonderful teachers who have gotten us this far in life. We will forever be in debt!


Dear readers, catch you all next week! 🙂  


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            College canteens can be a place of sanctity for the hungry, the sleep-deprived or for the ones who simply need a place to finish completing their assignments on submission day! Either way, it automatically becomes the heart of the college and as a result, it attracts a whole array of students, all unique in their own common ways… So here are the different types of people in the canteen you are bound to come across, sometime or the other-

  • 1) We’re the Spillers:

With these people, more comes out than what goes in. The table looks like a buffet serving. Honestly? The next person who comes and sits at that table after you does not require a bit by bit detail of how you had ‘bhendi and chapatti’ today. It is so unappetizing.

  • 2) The kid with the ‘dabba’:

We all know someone who carries fresh food from home and opens two hundred and thirty-seven compartments of that tiffin box and puts the canteen out of business, so comfortable with the dabba that lasted since middle school with the half torn picture of ‘Tom and Jerry’ on it. Is that person sitting in a canteen, in a hotel, at home? We shall never know.


  • 3) Center-stage PDA Couple:

People, people, you are not invisible! We can all see you. We can all see your all-consuming love being so passionately displayed in that one far-off corner table. The others are trying to romance their food, so get a room…or at least a classroom.


  • 4) The Traveller:

Do you know why it is advised to have a lot of friends in college? It is so you can have a variety of food. This one person cannot sit still in the canteen. This one person is always travelling from one table to another in search for bites of food, intention disguised under the dialogue- ‘uss friend se milke aata hu’. You know exactly who I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you’re probably the traveller.


  • 5) Income-earner of the Canteen:

The food junky, the fast-food lover, the dabba hater, the money spender- the hunk that is the major revenue source for the canteen; the one who cannot, will not go a day without giving the canteen his intimate darshan. His life is not complete without buying something Every. Single. Day.


  • 6) The Lazed Lot:

These people are the epitome of joblessness. They literally bunk every lecture and spend the entire day occupying one table. You visit the canteen during breaktime- there they are sitting. You visit the canteen after college- there they are sitting, still. Have the will to live people.

  • 7) The Party Poppers:

Someone random and unknown is celebrating their birthday in the canteen? Well by all means then, let us join in the celebration by singing out really loudly. It becomes one big chorus group. Maybe we might get some cake too? I mean, we did just meet and sing for you like two minutes ago.


  • 8) The Seat Warmers:

The lot that gets your fist to clench in anger. The insensitive kind. The unbothered lot. Can y’all not see that the canteen is over packed with students looking for a place to sit and eat their food? Do y’all not realize that y’all are done eating your food? Why don’t y’all be a doll and free your seats for someone who really needs them?


  • 9) But First, let me take a Selfie:

No, no…the crowd and the noise is not an issue to them. No matter how much you try to initiate the conversation and pull the group together, there will always be that one person who finds the perfect lighting spot and goes on their modeling spree with pouts and hair-flips and squeals. Umm…HELLO? Looking for an actual humanly exchange of words here.

  • 10) The Social-Media Parasite:

Do I even need to…? *exasperated face*

Girl, will you stop clicking pictures of that cupcake before I shove it up your nose? Let me eat my food in peace. You’re really not having fun with every activity posted on social sites with captions like ‘Day of Fun with Bae’, ‘Bestie and I be having so much fun’. Girl, don’t lie!


  • 11) The Fakers v/s the Real Ones:

There will always be a group that will try to draw attention through loud fake laughs and such. But there will also always be a group of genuine friends who are blissfully sharing that magical cup of ice-tea.


            Well, no matter what, the college canteen will always be one of those places you visit and revisit in your memories, just to laugh a little again… If you could relate to any of these types of people, do give this article a like, and leave a comment if you’ve come across any more types! 😛

Catch y’all next week!

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(Junior College as it is!)


The excitement, fear, confusion, anticipation and exhilaration pretty much sums up all the emotions that surge through a student on the first day of JUNIOR COLLEGE! As the transition from school to college marks our first milestone into the real world, the first day can be quite an electrifying and daunting adventure. Here are some of the things we all face on our first day as a college student!


Freshly out of school, none of us have any idea as to how college life is. We enter the college campus and are slightly mortified to see students sans the discipline! We are so used to being monitored by teachers or prefects all the time that this new found freedom becomes a bit of a challenge to handle at first. Nevertheless, it scripts our first stage of the journey from schooling to college life!



We, the newbies, the novices, the newcomers are naïve in the territory of the seniors! We still haven’t figured out the route to our classes, we don’t know where all the stairwells lead to, we don’t know any teachers, and hell, we don’t have the liberty to depend on our friends who are sailing in the same boat as we are. So what do we do? We just go with the flow, get trampled by the seniors who are perhaps annoyed with our disruptive presence and try to maintain our cool till we figure out our way!



Raise your hands if this has happened to you- no one knows who the class teacher is and everybody is nervous and jumpy as it is. So you have managed to reach your class, you wait outside the door, you fidget with your clothes, take a reassuring breath and march into the classroom, hoping to see some known faces. But the minute you are inside those four walls, all the students who are already seated mistake you to be the teacher for a couple of seconds and stare at you as they get tensed up. Getting uncomfortable due to their overwhelming stare and the awkwardness of ‘Everybody is looking at me’, you forget about finding a good seat and instead touch down on the first empty spot that you can lay your eyes on!



Now that you are seated in class, you notice that some people have already formed their groups or are with their school friends and see them blabbering away. So you start making small talk to the ones seated nearest to you, selecting the ones that you think could make good friends and cunningly avoiding those who annoy you. This goes on until the first teacher, mostly your class teacher, enters the classroom. One by one different professors introduce themselves to you and you go on making a mental note of the ones you like, the ones that scare the (pick your word) out of you, the ones that are dull, the ones who manage to make you laugh and so on…the first day is almost a snap judgment day! (P.S. your opinions go on changing throughout the year!)



Then comes the break time which unleashes a whole new set of questions for you! ‘Should I open my dabba and eat in class, or would that look really uncool? Should I just take a trip to the canteen and find out what all it has to offer? But who do I go with? What if there is too much of a crowd in the canteen and I don’t make it back in time for my next lecture? I don’t want to be bunking my lectures on the first day! Oh dear, the people I just met want to go to the canteen of another college on the very first day!! I really don’t want to go, but if I deny, I will have lost friends before I have even made any. Forget it, I lost my appetite. Now where is the washroom? Better go answer natures call beforehand as I don’t want to ask for permission to use the restroom in the middle of any lecture; that would be embarrassing… Oh snap, the breaks over! Sigh.’



You had expected the first day to be as smooth as a baby’s butt. You were excited at the thought of finding new friends but you just managed to get a few acquaintances! You start questioning if you chose the right college for yourself. You even wonder if it’s too late to run for it and get admission into another one. You come home with a heavy heart and worry that you are going to have to hit repeat every day. (Trust me, it gets better than you could have ever expected when you find your perfect gang of friends!)



Whether the first day was a piece of cake for you or a challenge in itself, it would be a day you would remember at the end of twelfth and think to yourself, “Junior college was such an amazing phase of my life, I would gladly go back to that difficult first day, just to live it all again!”


Well that’s how it went for me! But to those of you who had a fantastic first day, kudos! You did well kid.