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To me, it is a word and a mood all at the same time. One of the best things of being on a trip is the variety of food you get to try. Whether it’s the local delicacies or the fancier versions of your daily diet, it is something you look forward to.

On this trip, I didn’t go all out and try extravagant food items but I truly enjoyed some of the things I had. A few items that are filling, delicious and a no-fail are mentioned below. Remember, they are not complete meals, just some of my all-time food favourites.

  1. Eggs, Hash-Browns, Fruits, Sausages and Juice-

Is your mouth watering? Mine sure is. No matter which part of the world you are in, this is a wholesome dish. Whether you have it for breakfast or as a snack or any meal, it is sure to make you feel full, but pump you up with energy at the same time. This way, you won’t feel sluggish throughout the day! Added bonus: nothing can really go wrong with this dish, so it’s money well spent.

Aviary Photo_131525182462198706.png


  1. Yogurt-

This is not unique as most of us have this at home. But when you’re travelling, this little handy snack is amazing. Plus, in a hotel/resort, they usually have various varieties for you to try. This way, you can know which flavours you like and go buy yourself some in bulk from a grocery store later. Keep it in your backpack if you’re going to be out roaming or site-seeing and have a pick-me-up ready whenever you feel tired or hungry. I tried strawberry and kiwi and my oh my, it was yumm.

Aviary Photo_131525184372381802.png

  1. Good old Donuts and Coffee-

It doesn’t have to be freshly brewed to be freaking amazing. The aroma alone can make you drool. Pair this wonderful hot drink with a donut of your choice and oh la la, you have the perfect duo. Take this out by the pool or enjoy it while watching a movie. Do whatever you want, but make sure to enjoy this comfort food!

Aviary Photo_131525183904424703.png


  1. The Desert Bar-

You may not find it everywhere you go, but if you do, take full advantage of it. If you are anything like me and don’t have a major sweet tooth, pack some of these items and take them to your room. This way, you can have them whenever you crave something sweet.

Aviary Photo_131525182911562114.png

  1. Cereal Mix-

Hope this doesn’t sound too dull because it’s really not if you come up with your own mix. What are you afraid off? Go nuts and try all the cereals they have put in front of you. Mix and match and you may have a winner. Same goes for juices, try ‘em all. I know I did!

Aviary Photo_131525182190606106.png

  1. The Speciality-

Now each place is going to have something that it is famous for. It can be chocolate or it can be cheese. It can be meat or it can be a sweet. Where I was, I indulged myself with two of the local specialities.

  • Chikki-

You have a huge variety in this category. When faced with the challenge of deciding which one to get, just take the assorted mix. Life saver.

Aviary Photo_131525185620499512.png


  • Fudge-

Now, I don’t exactly know what all goes into the making of it, but the final product is really fun to have. Again, there are so many varieties, that you have to scratch your brains for a bit!

Aviary Photo_131525185280140757.png

Hope these images have not made you very ‘hangry’ and I hope you enjoyed this mini list of food items that are a staple.  Happy eating and catch you all next time!

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Your travel time could be an hour or several, but the build up of excitement to reach your hotel/resort is unchanged! You plan everything you want to do once you arrive at your destination. However, many a times, you face a loss of things to do for various different reasons! Don’t you worry though, ’cause I’ve got your back bro…

  1. Look out for the Activity Folder- 

Almost always, your room will have a folder filled with pamphlets of things you can do at the hotel. It will contain all the details of the time, venue and charges applicable. For example, a wine and dine, DJ night, cook off with the chef or a variety of workshops!


  1. Meet the Concierge-

Find him and make him your bestfriend. He will be your go-to guide in the resort. He will assist you to find everything that you should be doing, eating, watching and the list can go on.

  1. Get in touch with Nature-

You’re on a vacation for crying out loud! It is not necessary to have something planned for every second of the day! Just go find a quiet area and meditate or relax. It is important to become one with nature and calm your soul. Turn it into your personal healing time.

Aviary Photo_131522136098263094.png


  1. Hit the Gym or the Playroom –

Almost every resort will have one. If you are a health freak, get your butt to the gym. If you want to bond with the people you have come with or just want to have some fun, go to the mini playroom and compete in some friendly game of snooker.



  1. Befriend the Localites-

Talk around the staff or the employees and you will hit the jackpot when you find someone who stays in that city. They will be able to tell you all the non-tourist places, food joints, things to do or areas to visit. They will be able to tell you everything that the net will not be able to do. If you want to feel the true essence of the place you are visiting,  definitely try this out.


  1. Explore-

Take your buddies and roam around, figuring out where a certain staircase leads to or which path connects where. If you had a little bit of a detective in you growing up, this safe mini adventure will put a bit of kink in your stay.

Aviary Photo_131522135247359662.png


  1. Meet the Chef-

Did you ever want a friend who was amazing in the kitchen, you know, for your hungry tummy? Why not make friends with the chef? When you genuinely like some dish that you try at this hotel/resort, just ask to compliment the chef. Once you get to do that, build a rapport. He may give you a tour of the kitchen or even let you try some of his specialities.



8. Ask Away-

Don’t be hesitant to ask for “what else can you give me?” at the reception. Most likely, they have a whole bunch of things kept ready for a guest like you. They may give you a dart board or a variety of movies to watch or badminton rackets or cycles or music speakers. Just ask for it!




  1. The Secret Menu-

Now, I’ve never really experienced this but the legend says that, all these places usually have a secret menu with food items that are not written in their regular menu card. Try your luck, you might land with something really fancy!

Aviary Photo_131522147683457165

  1. Get drenched in the Hot Water-

Emphasizing on the point of relaxing, just fill up that bath tub and request for some bubble bath. If your hotel doesn’t have a tub, a shower with a loofah is just as good! Feel all your tension wash away!


So folks, this was my list of things you can do at the resort other than the usual itinerary. Try some of them out in your next travel adventure and perhaps come back to let us all know if it worked or not! Happy Reading! Look out for tomorrows post!


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            College canteens can be a place of sanctity for the hungry, the sleep-deprived or for the ones who simply need a place to finish completing their assignments on submission day! Either way, it automatically becomes the heart of the college and as a result, it attracts a whole array of students, all unique in their own common ways… So here are the different types of people in the canteen you are bound to come across, sometime or the other-

  • 1) We’re the Spillers:

With these people, more comes out than what goes in. The table looks like a buffet serving. Honestly? The next person who comes and sits at that table after you does not require a bit by bit detail of how you had ‘bhendi and chapatti’ today. It is so unappetizing.

  • 2) The kid with the ‘dabba’:

We all know someone who carries fresh food from home and opens two hundred and thirty-seven compartments of that tiffin box and puts the canteen out of business, so comfortable with the dabba that lasted since middle school with the half torn picture of ‘Tom and Jerry’ on it. Is that person sitting in a canteen, in a hotel, at home? We shall never know.


  • 3) Center-stage PDA Couple:

People, people, you are not invisible! We can all see you. We can all see your all-consuming love being so passionately displayed in that one far-off corner table. The others are trying to romance their food, so get a room…or at least a classroom.


  • 4) The Traveller:

Do you know why it is advised to have a lot of friends in college? It is so you can have a variety of food. This one person cannot sit still in the canteen. This one person is always travelling from one table to another in search for bites of food, intention disguised under the dialogue- ‘uss friend se milke aata hu’. You know exactly who I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you’re probably the traveller.


  • 5) Income-earner of the Canteen:

The food junky, the fast-food lover, the dabba hater, the money spender- the hunk that is the major revenue source for the canteen; the one who cannot, will not go a day without giving the canteen his intimate darshan. His life is not complete without buying something Every. Single. Day.


  • 6) The Lazed Lot:

These people are the epitome of joblessness. They literally bunk every lecture and spend the entire day occupying one table. You visit the canteen during breaktime- there they are sitting. You visit the canteen after college- there they are sitting, still. Have the will to live people.

  • 7) The Party Poppers:

Someone random and unknown is celebrating their birthday in the canteen? Well by all means then, let us join in the celebration by singing out really loudly. It becomes one big chorus group. Maybe we might get some cake too? I mean, we did just meet and sing for you like two minutes ago.


  • 8) The Seat Warmers:

The lot that gets your fist to clench in anger. The insensitive kind. The unbothered lot. Can y’all not see that the canteen is over packed with students looking for a place to sit and eat their food? Do y’all not realize that y’all are done eating your food? Why don’t y’all be a doll and free your seats for someone who really needs them?


  • 9) But First, let me take a Selfie:

No, no…the crowd and the noise is not an issue to them. No matter how much you try to initiate the conversation and pull the group together, there will always be that one person who finds the perfect lighting spot and goes on their modeling spree with pouts and hair-flips and squeals. Umm…HELLO? Looking for an actual humanly exchange of words here.

  • 10) The Social-Media Parasite:

Do I even need to…? *exasperated face*

Girl, will you stop clicking pictures of that cupcake before I shove it up your nose? Let me eat my food in peace. You’re really not having fun with every activity posted on social sites with captions like ‘Day of Fun with Bae’, ‘Bestie and I be having so much fun’. Girl, don’t lie!


  • 11) The Fakers v/s the Real Ones:

There will always be a group that will try to draw attention through loud fake laughs and such. But there will also always be a group of genuine friends who are blissfully sharing that magical cup of ice-tea.


            Well, no matter what, the college canteen will always be one of those places you visit and revisit in your memories, just to laugh a little again… If you could relate to any of these types of people, do give this article a like, and leave a comment if you’ve come across any more types! 😛

Catch y’all next week!