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Do no HARM, but Take no S**t


        When you are almost touching your twenties, you realize that life is not half the fairytale we were made to believe as kids. In fact, it is twice more difficult than you figured at age 16.

            Now, I am not in any way implying that it is dreadful to say the least, but we all do have our fair share of nuisances that we just never learn to deal with. For me, it is the constant conflict between how much is too good and how good is too bad.

            This thought arose when I realized that the world works on a simple principle: Feed off of the Weak. Any sign of weakness and they will pounce on you like lions on raw meat. When I dwelled a little deeper, it became clearer. On our planet, being nice is almost synonymous with being weak.

            While I believed that it didn’t cost a dime to always be kind to every single person, I grew up to notice that there was always someone who would take advantage of that. Other than that, though we were made to believe that the nice ones won at life, the reality is that they don’t always get the respect along the way.

            For example:

  • Person A talks in a restaurant without any superiority in his voice. He is kind and considerate. However, most of the times, he gets an indifferent or unsmiling response with simple ‘hmm…s’ and ungrateful nods. Where is the pride coming from?
  • If Person B talks in a restaurant with whistles and harsh tones, he most definitely ends up receiving courteous treatment. Why? Were they brutally shown their place in the food chain? Was authority and hierarchy far more acceptable than kindness? Is this correct?

Nevertheless, I am of the firm belief that though you may have the upper hand and command, there is no need to be rude or offensive to anyone.

            Having experienced this a lot recently, I wondered why being the good girl meant that I could be dumped on and being the bad girl meant that I had a habit of snapping! Especially when it came to small work projects, putting my foot down meant that I was not interested. Does standing up for your integrity mean nothing anymore?  

            But I was facing a conflict. There are so many brilliant people who have achieved tremendous success without deterring from their path of being good, not ethically but morally speaking. So due to some negative people, would it be right for me to stoop down and act as they did- proud with feigned bravado?

            The answer was a definite no. Being good may not equal receiving good treatment, but at least at the end of the day, no one would have the audacity to point a dirty finger at me. But being good also includes standing up for yourself against an oppressor. No harm no foul in hammering a person who can afford to be knocked down a peg or two.

            With these clashing ideologies of whether being good is good or bad, I changed my motto and outlook on people and situations-

Win the World With Kindness


Do no Harm, but Take no S**t

Everyone began falling in place after that! However, my question though answered, remains a baffling mystery to me… how much is too good and how good is too bad….?

But like one song rightly said-

“Anybody can be bad to you…you need a good girl to blow your mind!”




I write myself into another world, and if I touch any soul along the way with my words, it will all be worth it. Debut Novel- Zoriaver's Prophecy. I write weekly articles for the English Newspaper- Sakal Times. Music Enthusiast- learning to play the piano. Animal lover.

2 thoughts on “Do no HARM, but Take no S**t

  1. Devaki,
    You said it!!!…I fully agree with your thoughts. Be Good, Do Good but do not let people take you for granted…we have to return the un-pleasantries to such people with being pleasant…nothing wrong!!!

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